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Ahobilam - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple, Ahobilam

Theerthams of Ahobilam

In this sthalam, 13 theerthams are found which is said to cure all kinds of diseases, evils and doshams.

1. Kaalava Theertham:
Thiru Singavel Kundram - Bhargava Narasimhar
This theertham is also called as "Asalathruvam". It is said only on the shore of this theertham, Kaalava Maharishi did tapas towards Emperumaan and finally got the seva. This theertham is found in the west side where Jwala Narasimhar is seen. If any human, takes bath in Karthigai month, it is believed that we can attain wealth and finally attain Mukthi.

2 & 3. Rama - Lakshmana theertham:
The 2nd and 3rd theertham are collectively called as "Rama - Lakshmana theertham". This theertham is said to be the theertham where Sri Ramar and Lakshman took bath after they lost Seeta Pirattiyaar and worshipped the Narsimhar. So these theerthams are said to be "Maha Punya theerthams".

4. Bheema Theertham:
It is believed that this theertham is found to be constructed by Lord Shivan. Bheeman means Bayangaran (terrific). So, if any person who takes bath in this theertham, his pabham (sin) itself is terrified by the effect of this theertham and ridded off from us. If we do viradham and say the Gayathri Jabham near this theertham, we can find good results and can attain good position in our life.

5. Sanga theertham:
Thiru Singavel Kundram - Varaha Narasimhar
In this theertham, a rishi by named "Sangar" along with his brother "Likithar" did tapas for the good of the world. It is believed that if we take bath in this theertham for around six years, we can remember of pervious Janmha. And if we give food for the Brahmanas is the shore of this theertham, it is said to be equivalent for doing the after funeral and to generations are said to gain the good stage in life.

6. Varaha Theertham:
It is believed that only shore of this theertham, Varahar explained the puranas to Bhoomi piratti. It is also said that this theertham emerged from a drop of water that came from varahar after he got out Bhoomi piratti. It is said that near this theertham, if we give the dhaanam of clothes, in Chitirai Dvadesi and Pournami, it is a special one.

7. Sudharsana Theertham:
As advised by Brahma devan, Ambhareesha king told the Sudharsana mantram near this theertham and got the complete Arul of Chakkarathalwar.

8. Soodha Theertham:
This is the theertham where all 18,000 rishis stayed on the shore and did tapas. The perumal stood near this theertham as a mango tree thereby giving fruits and leaves as food for the animals. Swarna, flower and Kannika Dhaanam are said to be the effective dhaanams near this theertham.

9. Thaara Theertham:
Using this theertham only, the food (or) Naivedhuam for Narasimhar is done and it is said to be theertham of purity. By giving cow, Salagramam near this theertham is a special one in Aadi month - Dvadesi.

10. Gaja Kundam:
It is said to be the theertham where groups of elephants come to take the water. Eventhough, Lion being the enemy for Elephants, they wish to take the theertham from this Gaja kundam.

11. Vinayaka Theertham:
On the shore of this theertham, it is believed that Vinayaka perumal is said that he is doing tapas for the entire world to live in happiness. Doing Anna dhaanam (food Dhaanam) in Maargazhi is said to be special dhaanam in this theertham.

12. Bairava Theertham:
It is believed that Brairava Moorthy cut his head and dedicated it to the Bavanasisni Nadhi which came so fast. Bairavar cut his head to stop the fast flow of the Bavanasisni river. It is said that Bairavar is doing tapas without head on the shore of this theertham.

13. Rattha Theertham:
It is said that in this theertham only Narasimhar washed his hands after the Vadham (killing) of Hiranyakasibhu.

It is said these 13 theerthams not a separate theerthams, but all are considered to be the Bavanasini Nadhi, but it is categorised into 13. On the shore, there are 3 Gughais (Cave) in which 3 Narasimhars are found to give this seva. In the middle, the Narasimhar is Ugaraha Narasimhar in Veetrirundha thirukkolam facing his thirumugham along the east direction. He is found along with Lakshmi thaayar.

Sthalapuranam of Ahobilam


Theerthams of Ahobilam


9 Forms of Sri Narasimhar

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