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Ahobilam - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple, Ahobilam

9 Different Forms of Sri Narasimhar

Since Sri Narasimhar is giving his seva in 9 different stages or forms, this Ahobilam sthalam is also named as "Nava Narasimha Kshetram".

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Malola Narasimhar

  1. Ahobila Narasimhar

  2. Varagha Narasimhar

  3. Malola Narasimhar

  4. Yoganandha Narasimhar

  5. Bhavana Narasimhar

  6. Kaaranja Narasimhar

  7. Chathravada Narasimhar

  8. Bharghava Narasimhar

  9. Jwala Narasimhar

When we travel from Lower Ahobilam to upper Ahobilam, in around 2 1/2 Kms, we can be able to get the dharshan of 2 Narasimhas namely "Chakkaravada Narasimhar" and "Yoganandha Narasimhar".

Chathravada Narasimhar:

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Chathravada Narasimhar
This Narasimhar is found beneath the Arasa Maram (tree) in Veetriruntha thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards East direction on Aadhiseshan. This perumal is said to have an specific attention towards music and showing Gambheeram (erect) seva.

He is found along with chakkaram which is said to be the hamsam of wealth. The Arasa maram which is the symbol of Gnanam serves as the umbrella for this Narasimhar.

Yoganandha Narasimhar:
This Narasimhar is found inside a small temple where he is found his one leg is put on another leg and both of his hands are placed on his legs, thus the perumal gives his seva in Yoga position. Because of this Yoga seva, this Narasimhar is called as "Yoganantha Narasimhar". To make himself calm after the Vadham (Killing) of Hiranyakasibhu, the perumal is said to be found in this seva.

Sthalapuranam of Ahobilam


Theerthams of Ahobilam


9 Forms of Sri Narasimhar

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