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Ahobilam - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Sri Nava Narasimhar Temple, Ahobilam

Sthalapuranam of Ahobilam

This sthalapuranam is related to the 4th Avathaar of Sri Vishnu - the Narasimha Avathaar. Once there lived a king by named "Hiranyan". While knowing about this sthalapuranam, first we should know the story of Hiranyan.

The Dhwarabalagas (the two soldiers) who are found as the persons found on the entrance of the Paarkadal where Emperumaan is found, were very much proud that they are protecting the perumal. But, this proud changed their mind and as a result they got the sabham from Maharishis and this Sabham will be continued for 3 decades.

In the first decade, they were born as Jaya - Vijayan and in the second, they born as Hiranyatshakan and Hiyanyakasibhu. They both did tapas towards Brahma devan and got the varam that the world should be under the control of them. Hiranyatshakan took Bhooma devi into the Badhala Lokam (below the Earth) and finally, Sriman Narayanan took the Avathaar as "Varagha Moorthy", killed Hiranyatshakan and returned along with Bhooma devi.

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Swayambhu Narasimhar At the same time, Hiranyakasibhu got a typical varam from Brahma devan. It is that he should not be killed either by any devars (or) by humans (or) by any animals and even the creator, Brahma Devan. At the same time, he should not be killed by using any weapons and he should not be killed in the morning (or) in night. He also added that he should not be killed inside the palace nor outside it. And finally he said that, if he is killed and if even a drop of the blood comes out of his body, it will be considered to be as effective as 1000 Hiranyakasibhu and they has to emerge from it. Like this kind of Varam he asked from Brahma devan.

After getting this kind of Varam from Brahma devan, he started to explore his strength and spread his victory on many countries. He ordered to the people from then, all should worship him as the God and all poojas has to be dedicated to him. If anyone worshipped Sriman Narayanan, he started to kill them. Like this, he became wild and was in opposition to Sriman Narayanan.

He had 4 boy children named Anukiladhan, Samakiladhan, Kiladhan and the last child, Prahaladhan. He had on girl child by named Simaki. But, Hiranyakasibhu should his love and affection to his last child, Prahaladhan.

But, Prahaladhan was gifted with the knowledge and had much affection towards the Emperumaan and always said the Great slokam, the "Om Namo Narayana". On seeing this activity of his child, Hiranyakasibhu got angry and gave severe punishment to him. But, it didn't affect him and still continued to say the Sri Hari's name. Finally, he thought that there is one sakthi behind him and he wanted it to come infront of him. As a result he asked his son that he is asked his son that he is always telling the name of Sri Vishnu and asked where is he found ? For this, Prahaladhan said that he is found in this mighty world as trees, rivers, mountains, etc. He is also found everywhere, even in the heart of his father.

On hearing this, he almost came near to the entrance of his palace where a huge and broad pillar was found. He asked whether his Narayanan is found in this pillar too. For this, Prahaladhan answered that he is found in the pillar and also even in a small piece of iron. On hearing this, Hiranyakasibhu got wild and strike the pillar using his leg. As soon as he striked the pillar, Sriman Narayanan burst out from the pillar as Narasimhar.

Thiru Singavel Kundram - Kaaranja Narasimhar As the varam got by him from Brahma devan, the Narasimhan killed Hiranyan by placing his body in his lap using his nails. His varam was that he should not be killed in the earth nor in the sky. Because of this, the Narasimham kept him on his lap. In his varam, he had asked that he should not be killed by an animal nor by an ordinary human. Because of this, the perumal took the Narasimha avathaar, as his head was the head of the lion and rest of the body as an ordinary human. He was not killed inside the palace not outside, he was killed in the midst of it and he was not killed using any harmful weapons instead he was killed by the Nails of the Nrasimhar. He was not killed in the morning nor in the night instead, he was killed in the evening, which is said to the lowering time of the day and emerging of dark. So, Sriman Narayanan killed Hiranyakasibhu as in the varam, which he had asked. But, after being killed, his blood flowed in the earth. The Narasimhar took the blood from the earth and draked it. Because of this, as asked by Hiranyakasibhu, it had the effect of 1000 Hiranyakasibhus and because of this, the perumal was bursting in anger and he could not be controlled. All the Devars and Brahma devar was afraid to see this and seeked the help of Lord shivan. Finally, Lord Shivan asked the right person who could reduce the anger of Narasimhar in Lakshmi devi and finally she came and reduced the anger of Narasimhar.

Prahaladhan was given the seva as Ugraha Narasimhar.

This sthalam explains about the bhakti of Prahaladhan and it is clearly explained through the Narasimha Avathaaram that he will come for his bhaktas. When Hiranyakasibhu was killed by Narasimhan, the devars who were seeing this roared about the Balam (strength) of him and said that how much Balam he has got. They roared as "Ahobilam" and "Ahobalam". This means that praising of the strength of Narasimham. This, this divyadesam is finally called as "Ahobilam". This kshetram is also called as "Veera Kshetram".

In the first 3 Avathaars (Matsya, Koorma and Varaham), the Perumal didn't give his seva to Garudan. Because of this Garudan did a strong tapas towards Sriman Narayanan and finally, in the 4th Avathaar, the Narasimhan he gave his seva to Garudan in this sthalam is also called as "Garudathri".

Kashyabha Maharishi, father of Garudan advised him to do tapas in this sthalam towards the Emperumaan. At that time, Indiran sent all the Apsaras (Deva loka Kannis) towards Garudan to destroy his tapas. But, instead he is doing the tapas only to be dedicated for Narayanan and not doing for any thrones. By saying this, he sent all the Apsaras. From this, we can clearly understand the Bhakti of Garudan and he was given the Sthanam (position) of alwar and from then he is said to be "Garudalwar".

Similarly, Prahaladhan who showed his bhakti to Sriman Narayanan is the Key person for making Sri Vishnu to take the Narasimha Avathaar. So, he was also given the sthanam of Alwar and he is also called as "Prahaladha Alwar".

Sthalapuranam of Ahobilam


Theerthams of Ahobilam


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