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Temple Yatra Tour Reminder
Temple Yatra - Tour Reminder
Archavathara Anubhava Yatra conducts Religious Yatras across to various Hindu Temples. It may be one day, two days, 5 days, etc. If you wanted to be called during those Yatra time, please fill-in the below form, so that we will contact you for further information.

Sri Krishnar's Prema Thathvam
"Prema" means the affinity, the love; this love can be towards anything but complete love should be always towards Bhagavan - Paramathma; every Jeevathma has to have this attachment only towards the Paramathma but due to various karmas, the love towards the supremacy is not completely shown. There are so many incidents where great Aathmas have shown their complete affection and affinity towards Sri Krishnar, the ultimate supremacy ...

Sri Yoga Anjaneyar Temple, Chennai
Sri Rama and Sita Piratti are found on the Head of Sri Yoga Anjaneyar. Sri Yoga Anjaneyar is found along with four hands (Chaturbujam) holding Sangu, Chakram, Jaba Mala and with Jaba Muthra in sitting posture (Yoga Pose). He is about 3 feet height sitting on the top of well and facing His ThiruMugam towards North direction.
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Sri Varadharaja Perumal
"Ka" - means Brahma and "Anjitham" - means who was worshipped. Since, Brahma worshipped Emperumaan as Varadharajar, this sthalam is called "Kanchi". The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi which is also Known as "Chinna (or) Little Kanchipuram" and in the Big (or) Shiva Kanchipuram, all Shiva temples are found.
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Sri Parthasarathy Temple
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Venkata Krishnan. Along with Rukmani Piratiyar, He holds sword in one hand, Varadha Muthirai on the other hand and his brother Balaraman on his right, Sathaki on his left, son Prathyumnan, Grand son Aniruthan are also found near the Moolavar. This is one of the Sthalam where the Perumal shows his seva along with his three generations. He is found in standing (Nindra thirukkolam) position and facing his Thirumugham towards East direction.

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