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Pandaripuram - Sri Pandarinathar Temple

Pandaripuram - Sri Pandarinathar Temple

  Temple Tour :

On the south direction of Chandrabaga River, Sri Vittalan temple is located. On the south side of the river, Chakkubhai temple is found. In front of the Moolavar Sannadhi, a big mandapam is found and all the bhaktas sit in this mandapam and perform Bhajans and expressing the Naama "Jai Jai Vittala - Panduranga".

On the left side of this Mandapam, a huge pillar which is covered with silver coating is found and it is believed that Sri Narasimhar came out this pillar to rescue Prahaladhan, people place their fore head in this pillar and worship the Perumal.

Milk Guava, Laddu, corn are given as the Prasadham in these places.

There are lots of other Sannadhis for Sri Ganesha, Sri Garudalwar, Hanuman, and Saurangi Devi etc.

And, a separate Sannadhi for Pundareegan is found on the shore of the Chandrabagar River.

There are lots of interesting places around Pandaripuram.

So, Bhaktas visit this greatest shrine of Sri Krishnar and get his complete blessings.

Jai Jai Vittala
Panduranga vittala.

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