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Sri Suktha Homam

Sri Suktha Homam

Sri Ganapathy Homam




Sri Sudharsana Homam




Sri Suktha Homam




Sri Gayathri Homam

This is yet another great homam which is done to get the lost wealth and also to attain great wealth and the blessings of Sri Lakshmi. Sri Lakshmi, who is also named as "Thirumagal" is the god of wealth and by doing this homam, we get the complete blessings of Sri Laksmi thereby riding away our poverty.
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Places of Sri Lakshmi :

Sri Suktha Homam There are some of the places where Sri Lakshmi is said to found. On the backside of cow (that's the reason cow's urine is used for making pure), elephants face, natural scented flowers, Thiru Villakku, Sandal wood. Gomiyam (Cow's urine), inside palm etc. And more than these, the smoke which comes out of every homam is also said to be the place where Sri Lakshmi is found.

Nellikkani and Sri Lakshmi:

Nelli tree is the place where thirumaal is found and his complete blessing is offered. Nellikkani is also called with the name "Haribalam". Hari means thirumaal "Balam" means strength. Thiru magal resides along with Thiru maal. So, it is sure that where Thirumaal is there, Thiru magal will also be along with him. So, if this Nelli tree is found in our house, it is 100% true that Thirumaal and Sri Lakshmi will be giving their complete blessing to that house and to the people who live there.

There are some of the things that should be avoided :

  • The used / old flower should not be used to decorate the puja room nor it should not be dedicated to the god.
  • Old flowers should not be thrown just in the floor, it should be thrown under any tree nor in a good place.
  • While waking up from the bed, we should not reflect the action of Laziness instead we should be active enough.
  • Should be clean, neat and tidy.

It is not that by only performing homams and visiting the temple, will lead us to get the blessing of the god, but by following some of the Hindu Dharma will also lead us to attain god.

So, to get the blessing of Sri Lakshmi and to get rid of poverty, perform Sri Suktha homam and get the complete blessing of Sri Lakshmi and live a great wealthy life.

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Sri Suktha Homam  If you want to perform this Great Homam in your house or in office, we can do it.
  Perform this homam and get a great start-up in your life and grow your business.

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