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Sri Gayathri Homam

Sri Gayathri Homam

Sri Ganapathy Homam




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Sri Gayathri Homam

Sri Gayathri Homam is considered to be the purest among all the homams and this homam is generally done in favour of the city (or) village.

Sri Gayathri When we take Mantram, Gayathri Mantram is said to be chief of all Mantrams. While saying this Mantram, we not only get the blessing of Sri Gayathri Devi but also get the blessings of Surya Devan. And this mantram is equivalent to the rays of Suryan. That kind of speciality and greatness, this Gayathri mantram has.

In Sanskrit, Gayathri means “Kaayantham Thirayatha”. The explanation of this is the person who is chanting this mantram will be protected by Sri Gayathri Devi. This Mantram doesn't belong to any specific caste (or) religion. It is a common mantram and can be chanted by anyone.

For every Mantram, there will be one Rishi, who is termed to be the Kartha (person who will be main for that and will be equivalent to that mantram). Vishwamitra, who belongs to Kshatriya Kula, is referred to as the Kartha for this great Gayathri Mantra. So this Mantram is not only for Brahmanars, Vedic peoples etc but also for Kshatriyas and to all in this world.
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By worshipping Sri Gayathri Devi and chanting the 24-word mantra, our life will be brightened; we get self-confidence, Tejas and betterment of health etc. Not only this, our sins are vanished and our life will be fully covered with joy and peace with lots of brightness.

Perform this great Gayathri Homam and get the complete blessings of Sri Gayathri Devi and Sri Surya Bhagavan.

"Om Bhoor bhuva Suvaha:
Thath Savithoor Varenyam,
Bargho Devasya Dheemihee;
Dhiyoyona : Prasodhayath."

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