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Navarathna Mantra Maala


Vairam - Diamond - Sukran

Navarathna Mantra Maala - Sundara Kaandam - Vairam - Diamond - Sukran

Slokam in Tamil :

Slokam in English :


Hanuman moves towards Sita Piratti and explains her that he his Hanuman and he is sent by Sri Ramar as a "Diplomat" (thoothuvar).

Sita piratti could not accept him as a person sent by Sri Ramar. But, Hanuman through his great mind and through his beautiful words (that's why he is called as Sollin Selvan") of explanation, explains the beauty of Sri Ramar and it is well explained in this mantram.

The Inner Message:

This mantram explains the body structure, his beautiful walk, the beauty of the eyes etc., of Sri Ramar. He also explains not only the people gets attracted by the beauty of Sri Ramar but also all the Jeeva raasis including all the animals gets attracted towards him.

The person who always thinks good and do all the things in a good way only can explain beautiful things in a better way. By explaining the beauty of Sri Ramar it is well justified that Hanuman can be called with the name "Sollin Selvan".

Connection with Navagraham:

After the great explanation only Sita Piratti gets a faith that Hanuman is sent by Sri Ramar and as a confirmation Hanuman shows the 'Kazayani' (an ornament of Sri Ramar) to Sita Piratti. This particular incident is said to glow like a diamond and this issue gets an Sthanam (place or position) of a diamond. Diamond is the stone related to Sukran. Sukran is referred to as "Vidi Velli". He gives brightness to our lives. This mantram explains that the sorrow of Sita Piratti is going to get vanished and her life is going to get brightened and she is going to be happy ever after.

So, by chanting this mantram, not only our mind gets brightened, but also our body gets brightened and gets good health, tejas, which can attract people and top of it. We get a close relation and bhakti towards Sri Ramarpiran.

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