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Navarathna Mantra Maala


Neelam - Sani

Navarathna Mantra Maala - Sundara Kaandam - Neelam - Sani

Slokam in Tamil :

Slokam in English :


After the work for which he is sent to Lanka is over, Hanuman wanted to teach Ravana and his Arakkas (Demon) a good lesson. So, he destroyed the Asokavanam and the troops of Ravanan. He raises the victory sound over Ravana made the entire Lanka to get thunder. The above mantra is the reflection of his victory over Ravanan and his troops.

The Inner Message:

This mantram is explained through Hanuman after the Asokavanam and the Lankan troops are destroyed. The inner explaination of this mantram is that Sri Ramar is a great warrior and a brave person and his brother, Lakshmanan is also a brave person. For them, everything ends only in victory and they do all the things only for the good and Hanuman follows them in the same way.

Connection with Navagraham:

The victory sound of Hanuman is the first lesson for the entire Arakkas in Lanka.

Since, Sani has caught Sita Piratti for a long time and as a result, she has suffered a lot. Now, he is going to catch hold of Ravana.

History and various Puranams say that Dasarathan is blessed by Sani and being his son, Sri Ramar will also be blessed by him. So, this mantram is related to Sani and Neelam (Blue stone) is the gem for Sani.

By chanting this Mantram, all the doshams that are found because of Sani are vanished and the entire obstacle in our business etc., are cleared.

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