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Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal temple, Thirulokki

Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal temple, Thirulokki

Temple location :
Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Sri Ksheerapthi sayana Narayana Perumal temple is located in a small village named "Thirulokki", in Tanjore is located on the Northern side of the banks of Pazhavaru, a branch of River Cauvery. The village is originally called as "Thirulokkiya Maadeviyar Chathurvedi Mangalam" and as the years passed, now the village is called as "Thirulokki".

About the temple :
Tanjore district is so enriched in terms of fertility and has the great Cauvery River being surrounded. On the northern part of their river, the Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal temple is located. It is said that this temple is re-constructed and maintained by the Chozha king - Rajendra Chozhan.

This sthalam is called as "Thirulokkiya maadevi Chathurvedi Mangalam" during the Chozha Kingdom and this temple is said to be about 5000 years old great temple. Lots of great saints, Yogis, have born and led their life in and around this place. Both Sri Vaishnavites and Saivaites have led their life in unity in this place. This temple act as a central place and surrounded by other great temple like Thiruppananthal, Kanjanoor, Thirukkodikkaaval, Thiruveliyankudi, etc.

The Deities :
Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Ksheerapthi Sayana Narayana Perumal. His thiruMudi (the head portion) is found on the south direction and this thiruvadi on North direction. He is found on 5 headed Sri Aadhi Seshan and his thiruMugham facing east direction. The Perumal is found with chathur (4) hands holding Sangu and Chakkaram on his hands. The Sayana kolam of the Perumal is similar to that of he is found in thirupaarkadal.

Towards his Thiru mugam, Sri Lakshmi and towards his thiruvadi, Bhoodevi is found in sitting position. And from his naabi kamalam, Lord Brahma is found. Only thaila Kaapu (special oil will be smeared), dhoopam is shown to the Perumal but not the Thiru manjanam (the divine bath).

Since, the sthalam viruksham (tree) of this temple is Vilva tree, Archanais performed with Vilva leaf and any milk related neivedhyams are said to be special for this Perumal.

Theertham :
The theertham of this temple is Lakshmi Theertham and is found behind Garudan Sannadhi. The Perumal says that in this theertham only Sri Lakshmi took bath and performed her tapas below the Vilva tree.

Thaayar and other Sannadhis :
The thaayar of this sthalam is Sri Kshera Nayaki and she is found in a separate sannadhi.

Sri Kshera Nayaki Thaayar Once, the Perumal very urgently came to Bhoolokam thinking of his bhaktas leaving Sri Lakshmi alone. Sri Lakshmi could not be alone leaving Sriman Narayanan even for a second. Having felt for this, she performed the tapas for never being left alone at any point of time and this is the place, where she started her tapas. So, if any misunderstanding between the married couples (or) any problems between them, they can come to this temple and worship the thaayar and can see they are getting united.

Near the Maha Mandapam, Sri Varadharajar Perumal is found in Nindra Thiru kolam facing towards south direction. The Abhaya Varadhar is found along with Sangu and Chakkaram in a separate sannadhi. During Vaikunda Ekadesi and Purattasi Saturdays, special pooja are performed.

Sri Vishnu Durgai :
A separate sannadhi for Vishnu Durgai is also found in this temple and it is believed that south facing Durgai is said to be more powerful. The Durgai here also is south facing and is said to be powerful. Garudalwar sannadhi is found right opposite to the Moolavar sannadhi and he is found in Nindra Thiru kolam. He is offered with kozhakattai as a special neivedhyam.

Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Temple Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Temple Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Temple Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Temple

An appeal to the bhaktas :
Sri Ksherapthi Sayana Narayanana Perumal Temple Inspite of having a great Moorthy, great theertham, the temple's present condition needs to be re-looked. On seeing the condition a committee is formed by "Karuvoor Devar Arakkattalai, Thirulokki" and now they have initiate the process of re-structuring the entire temple and its premises. So, many bhaktas are spending so much of money for their own needs that are useful and sometimes useless. On-behalf of the committee members, Divyadesam online.com request all the Bhaktas of Sriman Narayanan to visit this sthalam and donate for the raising the temple will be a great Punyam for ourselves and for also our following generations. So, let us all join our hands in raising this great temple.

Contact Address :
Shri. S. Kannan,
No 15, Parijathamalar Street,
Sanjeevi Nagar,
Tiruchirapallai, - 620002.
Ph : 0431 - 2730392,
Mobile : 94425 30392.
E-mail : kannan_seema@yahoo.com

Shri. S. Rajagopalan,
0435 - 2456432.

For contributions, DD / Cheque to be drawn in favour of :
Karuvoor Thevar trust,
Payable at City Union Bank, Tiruppanandal.

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