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Sri Kothanda Ramar Temple - Ganapathipuram

Sri Kothanda Ramar Temple - Ganapathipuram

Thondai Nadu, which is famous for both Vaishnavam and Saivam temples has a lots of story to say about. In that Thondai Nadu, Kanchipuram is said to be the sthalam where lots of temples are found. There is a slogan, which says the "Nakareshu Kanchi", which praises the Greatness of Kanchipuram.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - Ganapathipuram From this great Kanchipuram, 18 Kms away from it in the travel towards Arakkonam, a small village by named "Ganapathipuram" is situated. This Ganapathipuram is previously called with the name "Vishwaksenapuram". This village is surrounded by lots of great lands and the raised paddy fields, coconut and Mango trees, the cool breeze are said to be so pleasant and can easily attract all the peoples.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - Utsavar In this Ganapathipuram village, a beautiful temple for Sri Vaikundanathar is found. The way he is got needs to be explained. Sri Vaikundanathar is kept as the Moolavar in this temple. He is got from the earth and for him a small temple is built and was done daily poojas. All the people are worried since only Moolavar is found. But, its the duty of the perumal to clear the minds of his bhaktas.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - Ganapathipuram - Moolavar One fine day, a Saadhu who lived in Thiru Ayodhya did the daily pooja for Vigrahams of Sri Ramar, Seetha piratti and Lakshmanar. But, he wanted all these Perumals should be kept in a temple so that lots of utsavams will be done for the perumal. Because of this, the Saadhu took those vigrahams and started from Thiru Ayodhya and he came to Singa Perumal temple near Chengalpet.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - Ganapathipuram Before any work is started, the first pooja should be made to "Vigneshwarar" (Vishwaksenar) (ie) the Ganapathi pooja. But, the people of Ganapathipuram is expecting utsava moorthis to be placed in their temples. The news of having the Utsava moorthi on the hands of the Saadhu reached the family members of the Vaishnavites living there. They rushed to Singaperumal temple and got the utsava moorthies from the saadhu and now to those utsavars, along with the moolavar, the daily poojas are done.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - Ganapathipuram - Utsavar
Later in 1986, the Maha Samprokshanam is done to the temple. Following it, as a regular way, Ekadhina Laksharshanai for Sri Anjaneyar is also done in a grand manner.

Sri Kothanda Ramar temple - From Outer View And recently on 24th Jan, Jeeranothara - Maha Samprokshana is done in a grand manner.

Mr. Ramesh, USA has donated for the construction of Garudalwar Sannadhi.

And some more bhakthas have contributed cement bags for the construction of the Ardha Mandapam.

For more enquiries, you can contact :
V. Rangarajan - President,
Ganapathipuram Village and post,
Arakkonam Taluk,
Vellore District,
PIN - 631051.
Ph - 91-04177-248491.

P.C. Sampath Kumar - Trustee,
No 1, T. S. D. Nagar, S. V. Avenue,
Chennai - 600106.
Ph - 91-44-24751129.

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