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Sri Raghavendra Pooja

Sri Raghavendra Pooja

Sri Guru Raghavendrar
Sri Raghavendrar, who is also named as “Venkata Krishnar” was born in Bhuvanagiri, a small village in Tamil Nadu. He is said to be the blessed child of Sri Krishnar. He is said to be born as Veda Vyasar during the time of Mahabharatha and was born as “Prahaladhan” during the time of Sri Narasimhavathar. He preached the Dvaitam towards the people and has explained Sriman Narayanan's greatness to the world. The best days to worship Sri Raghavendrar is on Thursdays and now let us know the procedure of doing it.

All Thursdays are said to be suited for doing pooja (or) dedicating our fasting (or) Viratham for Sri Raghavendrar. If the Thursday include (or) comes in Poosa Nakshatram (star), it is more greatful to do the pooja. The procedure of doing pooja is as simple as our regular customed pooja, but we should be so clean.

This pooja should be done for six Thursdays and the ending of pooja should be done on 7th Thursday. So, the pooja should be for 7 Thursdays is the final Thursday to finish the pooja and some special dedications have to be made.

First, make the place of the pooja very clean. Then, apply kolam (or) Rangoli in the cleaned place. Then, place a small manai (a small wooden stand) and clean the mania and also apply kolam on the mania. On the top of the Manai, place Sri Raghavendra's photo. The photo showed be cleaned and should be applied along with Sandalwood and kumkum. Then tie Thulasi garland and other flowers on the photo.

In front of the photo, place a Vilakku (light) with 5 side lighted. Collect good fruits, coconut, beetle leaves, etc. In the manai, using turmeric as the main, place him as the “first god”, Vinayagar and smear thilagam on him. Do Archana first for Vinayagar and offer him with fruits, coconuts etc. This same fruits and coconuts should not be offered for Sri Raghavendrar, use separate fruits for him.

Now, we have made the set up of the place, where the Vilakku is placed in front of Sri Raghavendra's photo. Place these two in a place, where we can do the pradhakshanam (come around).

Before starting the pooja, make our minds clear and control them and we should ask our wish full heartedly. Sit in front of the photo, and show Dhoopam (sticks) and offer him with “Neivedhyam”. (Food)

Take about 2 (or) 3 thulasi leaves and close them in our inner hands and do Pradhakshanam around the photo and Vilakku.

We should make 11 Pradhakshanams and while doing so, tell this mantra.

"Poojyaya Sri Raghavendraya
Sathya Dharma Radhayacha
Bhajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham
Sri Kamadhenuvae"

Chant this sloka for as many times you can say while doing Pradhakshanam, but minimum, we should chant for 11 times (1 time for 1 pradhakshanam).

Sri Guru Raghavendrar After finishing 11 pradhakshanams, spread the Thulasi in our hand on Sri Raghavendrar and pray towards him. Finally do the "Sashtanga Namaskaram" towards him and finish the pooja. It is wise if we take one time food in the noon and eat a cup of milk along with some fruits in the night.

Follow this same procedure of doing the pooja for 7 Thursdays and on the 7th day, you can dedicate payasam, and some more special offerings towards him. During the days of Viradham, do not sleep in bed; you can sleep in ordinary floor by applying mat on it.

By sincerely and fully following this Viradham for 7 weeks, you can clearly see a positive way in your life.

"Sri Guru Raghavendraya Namaha."

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