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Anantha Viradham

Anantha Viradham

"Viradham" means making (or) controlling our mind and our body in a narrow path. During Viradham, we should not sleep during the day hours (afternoon), should not take any non – Veg items etc.

Some Viradhams are calculated based on the days, are based on this and some are dedicated to Athi Devathaas. Based on Athi Devatha, a special Viradham is explained by our ancestors and the Viradham is called as “Anantha Viradham”.

Maha Vishnu is said to be Athi Devatha of all. He has lots of Naamams (Names) and of which, The thiru naamam "Sri Ananthan" is said to have a special effect and greatness. So, this Ananthan is the Parabrahmam and serves for the entire human community.

This Anantha Viradham usually falls in the month of Purattasi (Sept) Sukla Paktsha Chaturdasi.

Advantages / Favours of this Viradham:

By following this great Anantha Viradham, a great sweat and wonderful life, peaceful in our daily routines, vanishing our paapams (sins), get back our lost wealth and to the great of all, we get the complete blessings of Sri Ananthan (Sriman Narayanan).

Procedure for performing this Viradham:

  1. At the end of the Viradham, invite 14 Andhanars and treat them in a good manner, Serve them with good food.

  2. Use 14 kinds of pooja items to beautify the perumal.

  3. This Viradham should be followed for 14 years (i.e.) once in every year, for 14 years.

The Story behind this Viradham:

Once, in Kruthayugam, a Muni by named Seemanthu lead his life peacefully. His wife name is Deeksha. After giving birth to a lady kid, she died. The name of the newborn baby is “Seela”. To take care of the child, Muni married another woman and her name is Garkasaa. She had a cruel mentality and did not care for Seela.

Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy As years passed, Seela attained the marriage age and was married to a good-hearted person by named Goundiyam. Muni wanted to give some products as “seedhanam”, but his wife stopped him from doing so. Knowing her father's position, Seela worried for him and for her fate and went along with Goundiyan.

As they were traveling, Seela had a chance to see lots of women crowded near the Shore of Yamuna River. Seela went towards them and asked what they were doing.

They all explained about the pooja. As on hearing about this seela performed the pooja along with them and wound a 14 – Knotted thread in her hand and proceeded along with her husband towards his house.

The superior power of the divine thread made Goundiyan a wealthy person and earned lots of respect is midst of the society.

Seela, continuously followed this Viradham with great bhakti and dedication, but the wealthiness made Goundiyan jealous and he started to think all the people as his slave. He didn't give any respect for his wife not for her great Viradham. And, he forcibly removed the divine thread from her hand and threw it in Agni. But, Seela took the thread from Agni and placed it inside a small Vessel containing milk. But, after this incident happened, all their wealth and respect started to loose its brightness.

Their cows were stolen; their house got into fire; misunderstanding and fight between relatives started; Goundiyan realized that all these negative actions are because of the divine thread being taken from his wives hand. He agreed upon his mistake and felt for his action and asked sorry to his wife.

During that time, Seela explained about the great Viradham and about the divine thread. After hearing these, Goundiyan was mentally upset and went towards a forest to perform Tapas. While traveling, he expressed the Thiru Naamam, “Anantha, Anantha” with lots of tears.

He asked for Ananthan towards everything he saw (i.e.) tree, cows etc while he was traveling towards the forest and finally, he decided to kill himself. Sri Ananthan (originated) come in front of Goundiyan and took along with him to his house. And as a bhagyam (luck). Sriman Narayanan gave his complete dharshan along with Sangu and Chakkaram in Garudan and then Vanished from that place.

After giving his blessings, Sri Ananthan said about the Sri Anantha Viradham and by following it for 14 years, he would regain all of his wealth, a very good status in the society etc. And by following the great Viradham for 14 years, Goundiyan and his wife Seela, got all the lost wealth's etc., and finally attained the Thiruvadi of Sri Ananthan.

It is also said that Pandavars also followed Sri Krishnar and the Viradham and would regain their Empires finally. And, Guberan, Bharthan, Deelipan etc have also followed this great Viradham.

So, like Goudiyan, Pandavas etc., we will also perform this great Viradham for 14 years and attain all sorts of wealth, Good – knowledge and to the top of it, we can reach Swargham with the complete blessings of Sri Ananthan.

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