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Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi Avatharam:

Sri LakshmiDuring the crouching of Thiru Paarkadal, lots of precious things came out from that. And one among them was Sri Lakshmi with brightness.

After coming out from the Paarkadal, she resided on to the thiru Maarbu (Chest) of Sriman Narayanan.

Various Puranams say that Sri Lakshmi originated from Agni, Water, Land etc; but instead of analysing them, let us know about the great Goddess and how does She extends Her thirukKaram towards us.

Thiru Naamams of Sri Lakshmi:
Sri, Malar magal, Lakshmi, Padma, Padmaja, Padmasini, Sri Devi, Narayani, Thilakavathy, Kamalavathy etc are some of the name of Sri Lakshmi.

Different forms of Sri Lakshmi:
Sri Lakshmi gives her form in 8 ways and they are :


All these 8 forms of Sri Lakshmi are collectively called as "Sri Ashta Lakshmi" and with all of these Sri Lakshmi grace, we will get all sorts of wealths, health and the final destiny - the Moksham.

Other than these great 8 forms, she also gives her seva as Graha Lakshmi, Anna Lakshmi, Bala Lakshmi, Seetha Lakshmi, Subhu Lakshmi, Baghya Lakshmi, Santha Lakshmi.

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