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Poigai Alwar

Poigai Alwar

Poigai Alwar  
Period 7th C. AD
Place Kanchipuram
Other Names Saro-yogi, Kaasaara-yogi, Poigai-piraan, Padma-muni, Kavinyarporeyeru
Month Iyppasi
Star (Natshatram) Thiruvonam (Sravana)
Hamsam Panchajanya (Conch)

Thondai Naadu, which is said to be the land full of brightness and nature's beauty, has a number of cities in it. Likewise, Kanchipuram is one of the cities, which is said to be gifted by Nature in its wealth and beauty. Thiru Atthiyoor (Chinna Kanchipuram) is one of the small part of Kanchipuram, which is surrounded by numerous Vishnu temples and this Kanchi is called "Vishnu Kanchi". Big Kanchipuram is full of Shiva perumal temple and it is named as "Shiva Kanchi".

Thiru vekka, also called as "Yadhothakaari Sannadhi" which is found in Vishnu Kanchi, has its own speciality and Sriman Narayanan's Anugraha (Blessings). Nearer to the Yadhothakaari temple, is found a Poigai (small pond), which is full of beautiful, fresh lotus flowers are found. Sonna Vannam Seitha Perumal, is found close to this pond and giving his seva to the entire world.

The Pond, which is found in the Great Ksthetram, inspite of having the nourishing smell and beauty, it has another speciality to be said. In Siddhartha year, Iyppasi Month, Suklashtami Tuesday in Tiruvona Natshatram, as an Hamsam of one of the Panjayudham (5 Weapons) of Sriman Narayanan - Thiru Sangu, Poigai Alwar was born in this world. Since, he was born in this poigai (Pond), he is called as "Poigai Alwar".

From the Childhood, his thinking was always on the almighty, Sriman Narayanan and made up his mind that he should follow him and want to spread his fame to the world. He learnt all the Vaishhava's speech and acted according to it and led his life as how a Vaishnava should be.

Knowing the greatness of Thirumaals devotion and thought him fame has to be spread to all the humans in the whole world, he left all of his general human characters like Love, Angry and having the mind to earn wealth.

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