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Purana Sthalams

Purana Sthalams

Divyadesams are sthalams where the great 12 Alwars praise Sriman Narayanan with Mangalasasanams. Purana sthalams are the temples where the Perumal and the sthalam in which he resides are well explained in bhagavath puranam and on various puranams. Like how, India is surrounded by Oceans and Sea, the Bhakti is also spread throughout our Country. Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan who is the Paramathma is found in all of the minds and heart of the Jeevathmas, is found from Kanyakumari to Himalayas in various Thirukkolams (posture or position) in various Sthalams.

In this section, we can clearly know about these great Purana sthalams other than the great 108 Divyadesams.

            Purana Sthalams

  Pandaripuram - Sri Pandarinathar Temple
Location : Maharashtra
Deities : Sri Pandarinathar and Sri Rukmini Devi
Special : The speciality of this Sthalam is the position in which the Perumal is found.

  Thirunarayanapuram - Thiru Narayanan Temple (Melkottai)
Location : Karnataka
Deities : Thiru Narayanan and Sri Yadhugiri Nachiyar.
Special : This temple is also called as "Dakshina Badrikashramam" and its the Avathara sthalam of Nanjeeyar.

  Puri Jagannatham - Sri Jagannathar Temple
Location : Orissa
Deities : Sri Jagannathar, Balabathran and Subhathirai.
Special : The speciality of this sthalam is that the deities are found in Viruksha (tree) roopam.

  Simhachalam - Sri Varaha Narasimhaswamy Temple
Location : Vishakhapatnam
Deities : Sri Varaha Narasimhar and Sri Lakshmi Thaayar
Special : Simha means "Lion", and Chalam means "hill" & as, the Perumal reside in the hill, this sthalam is called as "Simhachalam".

  Sri Mushnam - Sri Bhoovaraghaswamy Temple
Location : Near Virudhachalam, Tamil Nadu
Deities : Sri Bhoovaragha Swamy and Sri Ambujavalli Thaayar.
Special : This Sri Mushnam sthalam is said to be one amongst the "Swayam Vyuktha Sthalam"

  Rajamannargudi - Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple
Location : Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
Deities : Sri Para Vasudevar and Sri Devi and Bhooma devi. Utsavar : Sri Rajagopalaswamy
Special : Staying in this sthalam for a night is equivalent to donation of 1000 Cows.

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