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Sri Mushnam - Sri Bhoovaraghaswamy Temple

Sri Mushnam - Sri Bhoovaraghaswamy Temple


Sri Mushnam is well connected from all major towns and getting down here is hassle free. It is situated in the western part of Chidambaram. There are lots of transportation facilities available. This sthalam is situated about 20 Kms away from Virudachalam and about 40 Kms away from Chidambaram. So, there are lots of buses and lodging facilities are available.

General Information of Sri Mushnam:

This Sri Mushnam sthalam is said to be one amongst the “Swayam Vyuktha Sthalam” (i.e. not built but originated on itself). Other Swayam Vyuktha kshetrams are Sri Rangam, Venkatathari (Tirupathi), Ahobilam, Narayaneeyam, Saligramam, Purushothamam and Thothatri. The seva of the Perumal on all these 8 Sthalams are considered to be so exceptional and is equivalent to the seva what he is giving in Sri Vaikundam.

In this sthalam, it is said that the Perumal is worshipped first by Brahma and Goddess Saraswathy explores the greatness of the Perumal through her divine songs. It is also said that all the devars reside here.

The greatness of Sri Mushnam is well explained in various Puranams like Brahma Puranam, Naradhiya Puranam, and Varagha Puranam etc.

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