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Aayarpadi - Sri Navamohana Krishnar Temple

Thiruvaaipadi - Sri Navamohana Krishna Perumal Temple, Aayarpadi

Temple Location :

This Divyadesam is found 8 miles away from Mathura.

To reach this Temple, one has to travel 3 miles from Mathura and cross the bridge on the Yamuna river.

After that, travelling 5 miles in the bus, from there, we can reach the Temple of Gokulam.


Sri Krishnar, who was born to Vasudevar and Devaki in Mathura, was brought up by Nandagopan and Yasodhai in Aayarpadi. This is the place where Sri Krishnar spent all of his childhood days.

The temple where the Alwars did the mangalasasanam of the perumal is not in existence now and the idols now found are said to be installed in the later stage.

Soordasar, who is one of the Sishyas of Sri Vallabhacharyar was a blind person and after he was brought up to this temple, he was blessed with Sri Krishnar and praised the perumal with lots of poems.

In the life of a person, there are two main relationships that will continue and end till our lives. One is the mother and the next is the wife. For Sri Krishnar, there are two mother, Devaki who gave him the birth and the other one is Yasodha who helped him to grow and lead his life. Like how he got two mother, he got two wives also. One is Rukmani and the other one is Sathyabama. Thus, Sri Krishnar gives importance to both of his mothers and his two wives. To explain this, this sthalaperumal Navamohana Krishnan gives his seva along with his two wives, Rukmani and Sathyabama in Nindra thirukkolam.

The Aayarpadi Sthalapuranam is closely related with Mahakavi Soordasar and Sathyabama. In the previous Janmha, Soordasar lived as Akroorar, who is one a great bhakta of who is considered to be great person in character and a great Vishnu bhaktan.

Thiru Aayarpadi - Navamohana Krishnan One day, Sathyabama was feeling lonely in the palace and she was in an urge mood to see Sri Krishnar. But, Sri Krishnar was not able to come to the palace at that time. At that time, Akroorar came to the palace. On seeing the restlessness of Sathyabama he asked for the reason why she was restless? She told that she wants to see Sri Krishnar that too in one minute, if he doesnt come in a minute, she will sacrifice her life. As her name is Sathyabama, she will do whatever she says. Hearing this from Sathyabama, Akroorar went in search of Sri Krishna. He could not find him anywhere. The time is also running and it is almost to end of a minute. Without knowing the consequencer, Akroorar he himself changed into Sri Krishnar and stood infront of Sathyabama. On seeing this, Sathyabama could not recognize that it is only Akroorar who had come there as Sri Krishnar and she started to talk to him in love words.

After this, Akroorar went towards Sri Krishnar and told him what had happened. On hearing this, Sri Krsihnar got angry on him and shouted at him that he has imitated as the perumal (Paramathma) and has comitted a very bad sin and that is his eyes saw Sathyabama in a different way. so, Sri Krishnar gave him a Sabham that in the next Janmam he will be born as a blind person and Sathyabama as an ordinary working person. But, at the same time, he said once they get the Gnana, their Sabham will be rectified.

Like the Sabham, Akroorar born as "Soordasar", in the next Janma. Inspite of being blind only in vision, he Gnana was so bright and he always praised the Lord through his sougs and finally he got the Sabha vimochan through Sri Krishnar.

About 4 miles away from Aayarpadi, there is a place named "Purana Gokulam" and a Krishnar temple is found and people say that it should be considered as the Gokulam. The Yamuna river flows in front of the purana (old) Gokulam temple and idols of Nandagopar, Yasodha and Balaramar are seen. Small child Krishnar idol lying down in wooden cradle is also found.

This Gokulam divyadesam is said to be found with lots of childhood leelas performed by Sri Krishnar and bhaktas are advised to visit both Gokulam and Purana Gokulam.

Thiru Aayarpadi - Navamohana Krishnan The Moolavar of this Gokulam sthalam is Navamohana Krishnan. Moolavar is found in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards east direction. Prathyaksham for Nandagopar.

There are two Naachiyaars found along with the perumal in this sthalam and they are Rukmani piratti and Sathyabama piratti.


  • Periyalwar - 10 Paasurams
  • Andal - 5 Paasurams
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 7 Paasurams.

Yamuna river.

Hema Kooda Vimaanam.

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