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In this section, all the 30 Paasurams of the great Thiruppavai rendered by Sri Andal is given with explanation. For all 30 days of Margazhi month, daily 1 Paasuram should be sung and each Paasuram explains the greatness of Sriman Narayanan. These Paasurams can be sung daily but is said to be special if we chant the 30 Paasurams for each day of this Margazhi month and each Paasuram has its own explanations and greatness. So, chant 30 Paasurams - each 1 Paasuram for 30 days. All the Paasurams are easy to learn. So, chant the Paasuram and get the blessing of the Perumal and Kodhai completely. People, who can't chant, can visit any of the temples nearby, hear the ThirupPaavai said in the temples and get the blessings of the Perumal and SoodikKodutha Sudar Kodi - Sri Andal.

The explanation of each Paasurams is explained as Sri Andal is explaining to her friends.

ThirupPaavai Paasuram
Paasuram 1 : Maargazhi Thingal Paasuram 2 : Vayyathu Vaazhveergal
Paasuram 3 : Oangi Ulagalandha Paasuram 4 : Aazhi Mazhai Kanna
Paasuram 5 : Maayanai Mannu Paasuram 6 : Pullum Silambina
Paasuram 7 : Keesukeesu Paasuram 8 : Keezh Vaanam
Paasuram 9 : Thoomani Maadam Paasuram 10 : Notrucchuvakkam
Paasuram 11 : Katrukkaravai Paasuram 12 : Kanaithu
Paasuram 13 : Pullin Vaai Paasuram 14 : Ungal puzhakkadai
Paasuram 15 : Yelley Ilangiliyae Paasuram 16 : Naayaganaai 
Paasuram 17 : Ambaramey Paasuram 18 : Undhu Madhakalitraan 
Paasuram 19 : Kutthu Vilakku Paasuram 20 : Muppathu 
Paasuram 21 : Yeatra kalangal Paasuram 22 : Angan Maagnalan 
Paasuram 23 : Maari Paasuram 24 : Andrivvulagam
Paasuram 25 : Orruthi Paasuram 26 : Maaley
Paasuram 27 : Koodarai Paasuram 28 : Karavaigal
Paasuram 29 : Sitram Paasuram 30 : Vangam

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