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Sri Lakshmi Gubera Pooja

Sri Lakshmi Gubera Pooja

Sri Lakshmi Guberar This Lakshmi Gubera pooja is celebrated on the next day of Deepavali. This pooja is done towards Sri Lakshmi and Gubera. By doing this pooja, we can attain wealth thereby reducing our poverty and riding away the darkness from our life. This pooja is a very good pooja to do for the people who are in very much need of wealth and happiness. In rare case, this pooja falls on the day of Deepavali also.

This pooja can be done in pooja room (or) in a small portion in the kitchen (depending on the availability of rooms. If there is no separate pooja room) and the photo of Sri Lakshmi should be kept as the main photo and the pooja needs to be done in front of her.

Procedure for the pooja:

First place the photo of Sri Lakshmi and smear kumkum on the photo. If you get the Sri Lakshmi along with Guberan, it will be more enough. Now, this Sri Lakshmi along with Guberan is available in all religious shops.

As a next step, apply garland and a new blouse cloth over the photo. This is a good practice of dedicating our faith and lives towards the Goddess. In front of the photo, put Rangoli (kolam) and in the middle of the kolam, smear kumkum and turmeric powder.

Opposite to the kolam, place a silver or bronze plate and keep 9 one rupee coin in a circle manner. On the 9 coins, place kumkum and turmeric powder and avoid ever silver plates. Keep one coin in the middle and other 8 coins around it. On top of it, keep turmeric piece (not powder), thaali (mangal sutra), and Lakshmi dollar. Also decorate it with flowers place two lighted lamps on either side of the plate and see that the light never gets off till the pooja is finished. So, pour oil or Ghee whenever it is required.

Sri Lakshmi Guberar After the setup for the pooja is over, do a small pooja first for Sri Vinayagar and offer him some fruits. And after the pooja for Sri Vinayagar is over, do "Ashtothra Namavali" (Perform Archana) separately for Sri Lakshmi, Sri Saraswathi and Sri Parvathi. Doing Lakshmi Sahasranamam is very good at this time of pooja. After this, pray towards Guberan and perform Archana for him. If possible, you can keep 108 coins as "Gubera coins" and do Abhisekam for the coins.

In the meantime, say this slokam for 11 times and at the end of the slokam, keep a single flower (it will be good if you keep red coloured flower) on top of the 9 coins and rest of the 2 flowers towards the feet of Sri Gubera Lakshmi Photo.

Keep each 1 rupee on on the numbered square which is placed in fron of Sri Lakshmi Guberan.

27 20 25
22 24 26
23 28 21

"Manuja Vaakya Vimaana Varasthikam
Garuda Rathna Nipam nidhi Thaayagam
Siva Saaga Muruthaathi Vipooshitham
Varakadham Dhanatham Bhajha Thunthilam

Om Yakshaya Guberaya Vaishravanaya
Dhana dhanyaathi Pathayae
Dhana dhaanya Smruththimae
Dhehi Dhabhaya Swaha!"

After this, break coconut along with Banana and other fruits towards the Sri Lakshmi and Guberan, After this, it would be fine if you dedicate Payasam (milk mixed with boiled rice along with sugar) and finally make Karpoora (Camphor) Aarathi. Bow down towards the God and finish the pooja.

After this, welcome some Sumangalis (married women with their husband alive) to the house and give them the food and finally give them a green blouse cloth along with 1 rupee coin, betel vine leaf, supari, turmeric, kumkum and flower.

In the evening, light the lamps and place flowers on the photo and on the next day morning, do Aarathi towards the photo and the plate and keep that 9 coins in the Locker, and it might bring us all the 8 wealths and all the eight Lakshmis will be permanently in our house. This means that all of our poverty will diminish and our life will brighten. This pooja is so simple and all the things for the pooja are affordable. So, bhaktaas in this Deepavali (next day) do this pooja and get the complete blessings of Sri Lakshmi and Guberan.

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