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Garuda Panchami

Garuda Panchami

This month pooja is specially dedicated for Sri Garudalwar, who is also called with the name “Periya Thiruvadi”. Having him as a special deity, a special pooja is performed and the name of the pooja is “Garuda Panchami”.

Who can perform this pooja:

This pooja is generally done by women for the betterment of their children, and how brave and bold they should be. The newly married couples for their bright-married life can perform this pooja. This Garuda Panchami falls on 2nd August 2003. So, follow this pooja and make your children as brave as Sri Garudan.

The story behind this pooja:

Garuda Panchami Kaasyapar, who is one among the Saptha (7) Rishis had two wives by name Vinathai and Kandharu. For Kandharu, Vinathai was slaved and this mentality of being a slave for Kandharu made Vinathai very dejected. This slavement of Vinathai has a small story to say about.

Once, both Vinathai and Kandharu had a quarrel that what is the colour of the tail of Ucchairavam, the horse of Indiran. Kandharu said that it is black in colour but Vinathai said that since the horse is in white colour, its tail should also be in white colour.

Both of them quarreled about this issue and finally came to a conclusion that they can directly see the horse and find what's the colour of its tail. Simultaneously, they had a bet saying that the one who is loosing should become the slave for the other person who wins. Both of them accepted and went towards the horse.

Till the time they were reaching the horse, the tail was in black colour. But, soon Kandharu called her black – coloured snake sons and ordered them to wind around the tail of the horse, so that it will reflect as if, its tail colour is black in colour. And, after this, stating the colour of the tail, Kandharu slaved Vinathai.

All the above incidents were narrated to Garudan, the son of Vinathai. Garudan got angry on Kandharu but at the same time, he wanted to win over Kandharu in the same way what she did for his mother.

Garudan went straight to Kandharu asking for the alternate ways of get her mother's slaveness from Kandharu. Thinking for sometime, Kandharu asked Garudan if he could get the Amirtham from the Deva Lokam, she could release her mother from her domination.

Garuda Panchami Garudan, after getting the blessing from her mother, went straight towards Indira Lokam to get the Amirtham. He was stopped by the devars but he had a great fight with them and won over them and finally went towards Indiran. Indiran threw the Vajrayudham and as timely action, Garudan bow down towards it and said the entire story what had happened to his mother and added that the only way to get her out from the slaveness is to give Amirtham to Kandharu. On hearing this, Indiran asked that he can take the Amirtham and blessed him.

Finally, Garudan handed over the Amirtham to Kandharu and freed his mother from her slaveness. This great brave action of Garudan made her mother very proud.

So, the main deity of this Garuda Panchami is Garudalwar, the Periya Thiruvadi. By following this pooja, all the Sumangalis will give birth to a bold, brave and sharp-minded child like Garudan.

Now, let us know the procedure of performing this pooja:

The process of following this pooja is very simple. As a daily job, get up early in the morning, finish your bath and make your house especially the pooja room clean. Decorate your pooja room with various flowers. In front the perumal photo put the kolam (Rangoli) using 5 different colours. Then, place a wooden stand (Manai) and on it, put the kolam. Then, on top of it, place a banana leaf (vaazhai ilay) and spread small quantity rice over the leaf. After this, in the middle of the rice, you can place a small idol of Aadhiseshan made of gold, silver etc, depending on their strength.

Then, near to the leaf, make a small Ganapathy made of Turmeric. While doing so, let your mind think of Sri Gowri Devi. You can chant all the Devi slokams with full of bhakti and dedication. Finally, as the Neivedhyam (offering), you can offer milk Payasam (or) Sugar – Pongal. Till, the pooja ends, don't take any food.

All might be thinking why Naaga (snake) Idol should be kept for Garuda Panchami? The main reason is, while Garudan went to get the Amirtham, the main reason why her mother was slaved was all because of the snakes. So, Indiran gave Garudan a varam that all the snakes, which are responsible for her mother's slanevess, will be Garundan's slave from then. And, while performing this pooja, if any Naaga Dosham is found for any of the family member, it is believed that the Dosham will get vanished.

So, Sumangali who follow this great pooja will give birth to a brave, bold, well – talented child like Garudan. Simultaneously, if you get a chance, visit Thiru Naraiyoor Divyadesam (Nachiyar Kovil) and get the blessing of Kal (stone) Garudan and have his complete blessings.

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