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Hindu Events - September 2007

Hindu Events

Hindu Events - September 2007
Tirumala - Tiupathi Brahmotsavam 2007 Schedule
1. Tirumala - Tiupathi Brahmotsavam 2007 Schedule
The Annual Srivari Brahmotsavam festival celebrated in Tirumala - Tirupati will be held from September 15 to September 23 in 2007.
Date Day Utsavam / Vaghanam Details
September 15th Saturday Brahmotsavam - Day One morning : Dhwajarohanam.

Night : The procession of Lord Venkateswara around the four streets of the main temple on the Pedda Seshavahana.
September 16th Sunday Brahmotsavam - Day Two morning : The procession of Lord Balaji around the temple on the Chinna Seshavahana.

Night : Oonjal Seva at the Uyala Mandapam. Then the procession of the Lord Venkateswara on the Hamsavahana.
September 17th Monday Brahmotsavam - Day Three morning : Procession on the Simhavahana.

Night : After the Oonjal Seva, a procession on Mutayalapandiri Vahana, a vehicle decorated with pearls.
September 18th Tuesday Brahmotsavam - Day Four morning : Procession on Kalpavriksha Vahana, a vehicle in the shape of Kalpavriksha, a mythical tree.

Night : After Oonjal Seva, procession on Sarvabhoopala Vahana, a vehicle symbolizing all the kings on the earth.
September 19th Wednesday Brahmotsavam - Day Five morning : Mohini Avatarotsavam is held.

Night : After Oonjal Seva, procession of Lord and consorts on the Garuda Vahana. Lord Venkateswara is specially decorated with Mahaakanti and Sahasranaramala.
September 20th Thursday Brahmotsavam - Day Six morning : Procession on Hanumantha Vahana, vehicle dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Night : Procession on Gaja Vahana, vehicle in the shape of elephant.
September 21st Friday Brahmotsavam - Day Seven morning : Procession on Suryaprabha Vahana, vehicle shaped like the Sun chariot.

Night : After Oonjal Seva, procession on Chandraprabha Vahana, vehicle shaped like moon.
September 22nd Saturday Brahmotsavam - Day Eight morning : Rathotsavam (Thiru Ther), procession of Lord on a huge chariot.

Night : After Oonjal Seva, procession on the Ashwa Vahana, vehicle in the shape of horse.
September 23rd Sunday Brahmotsavam - Day Nine morning, Pallaki Seva and Chakrasanana Mahotsavam.

Procession of Lord Chakratalwar and "thirumanjanam" festival will be held followed by Theerthavari.

Evening : Dhwajavarohanam - Garuda flag will be lowered.

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