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Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam - Chennai Temple

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam - Chennai Temple

This temple is located near Minjur. We can reach this temple by traveling from Chennai to Kummudipoondy in train and 3 kms from Anupampattu railway station. Get down at Minjur, lots of share autos are available which directly goes to the Devadanam temple. A good 90-minute drive from the city of Chennai takes us to this little village, beyond Minjur. There are no hotels available, either at Minjur or at Devadhanam, and so one has to choice except to stay at Chennai.

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

Temple timings :
The Dharshan timings are from 7.00 AM to 12.00 Noon in the morning and 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM in the evening.

The Deitites:
Sri Ranganathar, Sri Devi and Bhoo devi are also found along with him.

Other deities :- Kouthugar, Chakkarathalwar, Sri Ranganayaki Thaayar and Hanuman Sannadhis are also found. A separate idol of Thumburu Maharishi is also found.

Now, let us know more about the temple and other information about this Devadanam temple.

Sri Rangam is said to be well known temple in which he gives the seva as "Sri Ranganathar" on Aadhi Seshan. There are lots of temples other than Sri Rangam, the Perumal gives his sayana thirukkolam like Aadhi Rangam, Thirukkadal malai, Thiruvananthapura, etc. Other than Divyadesam, purana - Abimana sthalams, the Perumal also gives the some sayana kolam in various temples also. And one among those temple is Devadanam, where Sri Ranganathar is giving his bhaktas the same sayana kolam as that of the other temple.

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

The temple is found in Devadanam a small village in Tiruvallore district, Ponneri Taluk. It is said that this that the temple exists for more than years. And it is said that the temple has been donated (danam) by the Devars and because of this, the place is named as "Devadanam".

The temple is found on one part of the Devadanam village. On both sides of the temple, lots of fresh trees are found thus giving a cool breeze air, who are traveling to the temple. We can see main gopuram which greets us. As soon as we enter the temple, we can see the bali peedam and next to it, Kodi maram is found. The huge Dwajasthambam further invites us to enter into the temple. Next to Kodi maram, a separate sannadhi for periyathiruvadi - Sri Garudalwar is found who is facing towards the Moolavar sannadhi.

As we move on further into the temple, we can get the dharshan of the Moolavar. The thirukkolam of the Moolavar reminds us as if we are inside Sri Rangam temple. The Moolavar is very big and he resides on the five faced - Aadhiseshan. The Perumal is facing His thiru mugam towards east direction in Bogha sayana thirukkolam. The beauty of the Perumal has to be explained. The beautiful eyes which is equivalent to the lotus flower, on the entire thiru meni of the Perumal, Salagramam are found. From the Naabhi (the stomach part) Lord Brahma arises and towards the thiru vadi Sri Devi (Thiru magal) and Bhooma devi (Nila Magal) are found. And in the Garbha graham, Thumburu Maharishi holding a small veena and Sri Anjaneyar are found.

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

Since, the Perumal is in Sudhai nilai there is no thiru manjanam performed for him, only thaila (oil) Kaapu is done. All the thiru manjanam is done for the utsavar only.

Once, we get the dharshan of the Moolavar we can also see Chakkarathalwar. And in the front Mandapam we can see the great Alwars along with Sri Venugopala swamy.

After getting out from the Moolavar sannadhi, while going round the temple, we can see a separate sannadhi for Sri Ranga Nayaki thaayar and after thaayar sannadhi Chakkarathalwar sannadhi is found. Further going round the temple, a Putrukovil (ant hill) is found and it is believed that this putru exists for so much of years.

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

And near the putru Kovil, a Pavazha Malli (Parijatham) tree is found which is the sthalam viruksham of the temple.

Further, as we more we can see the thiruvadi of the Perumal and further towards this, Sri Hanuman sannadhi found.

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

It is believed that worshipping Lord Ranganatha by lighting ghee lamps for seven Saturdays and also worshipping Lord Nagaraja of the snake hill shrine will definitely result in the fulfillment of all the wishes and prayers of the devotees. All obstacles regarding marriages are removed. Reasonably good job opportunities are assured. Childless devotees are blessed with children.

And finally, if we come out from the temple, our heart and thought are filled with joy after getting a beautiful dharshan of the Perumal. So, Bhakthas, why still a wait... just march towards this great Devadanam temple of Sri Ranganathar.

Photos of Sri Ranganathar Temple, Devadanam

Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai
Sri Ranganathar temple, Devadanam, Chennai

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