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Shri Kariyamanikka Perumal Temple, Ponthavakkam

Shri Kariyamanikka Perumal Temple, Ponthavakkam

Location :
The temple is found in a village named "Ponthavakkam", which is found in Tiruvallore District. It is 22 Kms away from Tiruvallore and to visit this sthalam, bhakthas has to travel from Tiruvallore to Uthukkottai and all the buses stops at Ponthavakkam village.

The Name :
The village was originally called as "Puguntha vakkam" (In tamil "PUGUNTHA" means entered). As Brahmins entered into this village, the village name was called as "Pugunthavakkam". And as the years passed, the village now is called as "Ponthavakkam".

About the temple and the Deities :
Shri Kariyamanikka Perumal The Perumal's thiru Naamam is Shri Kariyamanikka Perumal. He is found in Nindra thirukkolam. The beauty of the Perumal is unexplainable. The Thaayar's thiru naamam is Shri Kamalavalli Thaayar. Other than the Perumal, sannadhis for the great Alwars, Garudan sannadhi and Hanuman Sannadhis are also found. There is no Raja gopuram for this temple. The vimaanam above the garbhagragam is big and Dasavathara sculptures are made on that. We can see Sri Narasimha Moorthy, Sri Krishnar, Sri Vaamanan,etc. The Madapalli is in the south east of pragharam.

The Dwajasthambam is 36 Feet height made of original TEAK wood.

Alwars Bali Peetam Temple Entrance
Temple Vimaanam Temple Entrance Garudalwar
Thaayar Moolavar Dwajasthambam
Utsavar Utsavar Utsavar during Veedhi Purappaadu
Utsavar during Baalalayam Utsavar during Baalalayam Udayavar

Hanuman The last samprokshanam was performed in the year 1983. After 23 years, now we the devotees of the village, joined hand together and collected funds from bhaktas and celebrating it.

So bhaktas, visit this great temple of Sriman Narayanan and get his complete blessings.

Contact Information :
Shri. Ramanujam,
Brahmin Street,
Ponthavakkam Village, Uthukkottai Taluk,
Tiruvallore District.
Ph : 27630187.

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