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Sri Narasimhar

Sri Narasimhar

Sriyapathi - Sriman Narayanan protects all of the Jeevathmas and gives all of the essential things what we needed. He has taken lots and lots of Avathaars to protect this entire world against any evil.

Though he has taken various Avathaars (forms) in various yugams, the main purpose of taking those Avathaars is to protect his bhaktas and to help in many ways against the evils and to protect the Dharmam. Some of the great Avathaar taken by Sriman Narayanan are : Sri Narasimhar

  1. Sri Matsyavathar
  2. Sri Koormavathar
  3. Sri Varahavathar
  4. Sri Narasimhavathar
  5. Sri Vamanavathar
  6. Sri Parasuramavathar
  7. Sri Ramavathar
  8. Sri Balaramavathar
  9. Sri Krishnavathar and
  10. Sri Kalki Avathar.

There are other great forms Sriman Narayanan has taken but these 10 Avathaars, which are collectively termed as "Dasavathars" are said to be so special.

The purpose for taking each avathar has unique reasons. To make the entire human community to know how a human should lead his life is the Avathar of Sri Ramar. Mahabali thought that he is the chief of all and wanted a win over all the Devars; to reduce this, Sriman Narayanan took the avathar of Sri Vamanan.

A guide to the entire human community is the Bhagavath Gita, which was explored and explained by Sri Krishnavathar, is one among the great Dasavathar. But, as the crown of all these Avathaars, to protect his Bhaktas Prahaladhan - Sriman Narayanan took the avathar of Sri Narasimhar who came out from the pillar (thoon) to perform vadham of Hiranyakashibu.

In this Kali yugam, Naamams of Sri Vishnu (Naama Sangeerthanam - chanting of thiru Naamams) alone will protect us and will lead us in a right path. But, this is reflected in some previous yugams itself. Hiranyakashibu treated himself as the god and wanted the entire world to chant his name instead of Sriman Narayanan. The entire humans in fear said his name instead of Sri Vishnu. But, his son - Prahaladhan, who is a great Sri Vishnu bhaktan, did not say his father's name but chanted Sri Vishnu's Naamam "Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha".

"Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha" as the Moola mantram.

Because of this, Hiranyakashibu tried to kill his own son and was finally killed by Sriman Narayanan who took the form of Sriman Narayanan who took the form of Sri Narasimhar. So, this is the Avathar, which is taken upon the will (or) because of the bhakti of his Bhaktas - Prahaladhan.

This clearly states that if any problem for his Bhaktas happen, he will definitely came towards us and help us.

In this section we will explore about some of the known and unknown temples of Sri Narasimhar in various forms giving his seva to his Bhaktas and protecting them.

"Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya Namaha"

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