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Sri Chakkrathalwar Sriman Narayanan who is considered to be the protecting god and one among the Trimurthies (Brahma Vishnu Shivan) has given his seva and dharshan in various forms in various places. This various forms are given to protect the bhaktas from evil, sorrow etc. Chakkrathalwar, who is said to be the Hamsam of Sriman Narayanan and one among his Panja Aayudhams, is giving his seva in each and every Sri Vaishnavite temples to ride away the evil and our sorrows. Now let us know about this Chakkrathalwar in details:

Other names of Chakkrathalwar and his appearance:

Chakkrathalwar is said to be the Hamsam of Sri Vishnu. He is also called with the other names like:

  • Chakkaram
  • Sudharsanam
  • Nemi
  • Thigiri
  • Radhaangam
  • Sudharsanazhwan
  • ThiruVaazhiazhvan

We can find Chakkrathalwar the hands of the protecting god, Sriman Narayanan, which explains that he has the power to protect the world.

We worship Chakkrathalwar as Sriman Narayanan and there are various forms of Sudharsanan found and they are:

  • Sudharsanar with 8 hands
  • Sudharsanar with 16 hands
  • Sudharsanar with 32 hands

Sri Chakkrathalwar But, in most of the temples, we can find him having 8 or 16 hands, where he is positioned inside the Chakkaram. But, in some temples, we can find Chakkrathalwar in one side and Sri Narasimhar on the other side of the Chakkaram. There is one great message explained in this (i.e.) Sri Chakkrathalwar has the same power of Sri Varahar and Sri Narasimhar, who destroyed Hiranyatshakan and protected Bhooma Devi from him and Sri Narasimhar, who destroyed Hiranyan and protected Parahaladhan are said to be the incarnations (Avathaars) and Sri Vishnu. This Sudharsanar is said to be the found with the power of both these Avathaars. Sri Varahar is Gnana murthy, who gives Gnanam and intelligence. Sri Narasimhar destroys the fear and gives will power and strength. So, by worshipping Chakkrathalwar, we get both the blessings of Sri Varahar and Sri Narasimhar and will be blessed with Gnana, strength, intelligence, will power etc.

One among the five:

Thirumaal, Sriman Narayanan is giving his seva along with him Panja Aayudhams (weapons) and they are:

  • Chakkaram
  • Sangu
  • Gadhai (also found along with Anjaneyar and Bheeman)
  • Sword
  • Bow.

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