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" In the month - I am Margazhi "

"In the month - I am Margazhi"

Sri Krishnar Generally, people say that Margazhi (Dec 15 to Jan 15) month is not a good month to perform any Subha festivals and this month is also considered as the black month (Soonya month). But it's not like that. This month should be and is considered as a highly spiritual and divine month. Even Sri Krishnar says that in the month, he is Margazhi. This clearly explains the greatness of Margazhi. (Then, why people did not perform any Subha festival in this month? Let us know: -

As soon as we say Margazhi, the next instant that comes to our mind is Sri Andal and Sri Villiputhoor. She is one among the great 12 Alwars.

Even in Sri Bhagavath Geetha, in a slokam it says Masaanaam "Margaseershohum". This means in the months, he is considered as Margazhi. Having said by Sri Krishnar, this Margazhi month has got lots of specialties with in itself.

Sriman Narayanan is called with various thiru Naamams are considered more specials. And these 12 thiru Naamams denotes 12 Tamil months. Out of these 12 thiru Naamams, Kesavan is considered to be the greatest and divine Naamam and this Naamam - Kesavan is related to the Margazhi month. This also explains the greatness of Margazhi month.

This Margazhi month has another speciality also. This month is considered and should be considered as the divine and highly spiritual month because in all the other months, there are lots of festivals and happy occasions fall. The main reason why there are no festivals in this month is mainly because of mind and soul should completely think only towards the perumal and this is the only month in which all the 30 days should be dedication towards the perumal. This is the main reason why no festivals are done during thing month, as this month is highly sacred and divine.

Sri Krishnar In this Margazhi month only, Sri Andal has sung "ThirupPaavai" - 30 verses and since she fasted in this Margazhi month - all the 30 days thinking completely on Sriman Narayanan, she could able to attain him.

There is also a scientific meaning, which explains the greatness of the Margazhi month. During this month, the ozone layer will be lowered a little bit and because of this, any disease will reduce and gives a healthy body. Let us now what are the main benefits of this Margazhi month and the Thiruppaavai.

  • Ladies will attain a good husband who fasts during this month.

  • Since, this month's main Naamam is Sri Kesavan, by chanting this Naamam will lead us to great position.

  • Best to visit any Shivan temples during Thiruvadhirai (Aarudhra).

  • By putting kolam infront of our house will greet Sri Maha Lakshmi into our house.

Not only these, there are lots that explain the greatness of this Margazhi month. So Bhaktas visit any Sri Vaishnavite temples near your house and get Sri Kesavan's complete blessings.

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