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" In the month - I am Margazhi "

"In the month - I am Margazhi"

Sri Andal and Margazhi The Yugam, in which presently we are living, is called as “Kali Yugam”. Other than this Kali Yugam, there are 3 Yugams that we have crossed and they are Kretha, Thretha and Dwapara Yugam. In all these 3 yugams, Sriman Narayanan has taken lots of Avatharams (incarnations) to protect the Dharmam against Adharmam (evil) and protect the life of his bhaktas.

The holy star Mrigaseersha combined with the Pournami thithi is the birth of the great Margazhi month. Among the 12 Tamil months, Margazhi brings the spring season.

The month of Margazhi which is supposed to be sacred from all aspects. Thus it's rendered to the god himself in aim of attaining prosperity and blessings, hoping god showers with all good luck. The very objective this month is to get together and offer the prayers, he will surely listens to it.

How to go about it?

Generally Brahma Muhurtham is considered to be good time perform pooja. Early morning on all 30 days Margazhi between 4.00 am to 6.00 am is beneficial for human being while the whole Margazhi the Brahma Muhurtham for DEVAS.

Sri Andal and Margazhi It is celebrated not only on Sri Vaishnavas and Saivas of Hindu religion but also Christians celebrate Margazhi. In this month, there are many programmes for SriVaishnavas in particular. On all the thirty days of this month, Tirupavai Pasurams will be rendered in the early morning in all temples and houses. Adhyayana Utsavam for 21 days (10+10+1) will also be held during this month by rendering holy scriptures (Four thousand Divya Prabhandam Pasurams) at 108 Divya Desam including Sri Rangam and many other Vaishnava Sthalams. The famous Vaikunda Ekadasi also will be celebrated in the early hours of the Tenth day of Adhyayana Utsavam the people will join with Lord in proceeding Symbolically to Swargham and on this Swargavasal will be opened in all temples. Lakhs of people gather on 3rd January 2004, the Vaikunta Ekadesi day in Sri Rangam, Tirupathi, Thiruvallikeni. Kanchi, Srivilliputhur, Brindavan and in many other temples. Saivites will celebrate Arudhara Dharshan. In Srivilliputhur, there will be "Piriya Vidai and Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam" and followed by Sri Andal Thirukkalyanam on Bhogi Day".

The Proverb in Tamil says that "Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirakkum". On completion of Margazhi and commencement of Thai, there would be better future and there is a way for happiness and good omens.

Sri Andal and Margazhi
On Bhogi day, people not only cleans the houses, burn the old things but also purifies from bad things or situation by rendering prayers. Children also celebrate this month perhaps they enjoy holidays as Half yearly exams also conclude in this month only.

Elders and music lovers also visit to the Sabhas in the evening to listen music, attend dance programmes and other cultural activities throughout Margazhi. This month is familiarly known as Margazhi Maha Festival. All musicians, Vocalists and doyens of singers will gather together at Thiruvayaru and render Keerthanas of Sri Thiyagarajar. Doordarshan in All India Radio in is relaying this live. Thus, the New Year starts with the year ending in a Divine Manner.

In Tirumalai, only the sattrumarai pasurams used to be recited during the JEER SATTRUMARAI on all days and whereas at the time of commencement of Margasirsha, Margazhi month, entire Tiruppalli Ezhucchi and Tiruppavai will be rendered by Sri JEER Swami and all Sri Vaishnavites gather at Sri Varahar Sannadhi and Srivari Moolavar Sannadhi.

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