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Divine Articles

In this section, you will know about some of the issues that who might have come along but without knowing it. So, as an article, to make you know about those issues, we will see some of them.

Pachchai Karpooram and Sri Srinivasar
Pachchai Karpooram and Sri Srinivasar
One can notice a white paste like thing applied on the chin of Tirupathi - Sri Srinavasar (Moolavar). The white paste is nothing but the Pachchai Karpooram (One kind of Camphor). There is a sweet and beautiful story for that..  Read Article ...
Margazhi Month
"In the month - I am Margazhi"
Bhagavan Sriman Narayanan in one of the slokam Bhagavath Geetha says "Masaanaam Margaseershohum". This means in the months, He is Margazhi. Having said by Sri Krishnar, this Margazhi month has got lots of specialties with in itself.   Know more ...
Tirumala Tirupathi Brahmotsavam
Tirumala Brahmotsavam
The great and special attraction of Tirumala is the yearly Brahmotsavam and is done during the month of Purattasi (Sep–15 to Oct–15). The Perumal comes round in Great Vaghanams during this Brahmotsavam.   Know more ...
The greatness of margazhi month
The Greatness of Margazhi month
The holy star Mrigaseersha combined with the Pournami thithi is the birth of the great Margazhi month. Among the 12 Tamil months, Margazhi brings the spring season.   Know more ...
Sri Vishnu Dharshan
Sri Vishnu's (Vishwaroopa) Dharshan
Vishwaroopa Dharshan means showing (or) exposing his original representation in a very big way. Sriman Narayanan has shown his Vishwaroopa Dharshan in various aspects of time to various people. Know more ...
Deity (Idol) Worship
Deity (Idol) Worship
Faith is one of the great aspects, which enables all the peoples in this world to attain god. To fulfill all their needs, the Perumal is giving his seva in the form of Idols) Vigrahams) in the temples.   Know more ...
Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar
Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar
"Pancha" means Five. So, Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar means Anjaneyar with Five faces. One of the faces will be of Anjaneyar's. The other four faces are the faces of Sri Narasimhar, Sri Garudalwar, Sri Varahar and Sri Hayagreevar ...  Know more ...
In Sri Vaishnava temples, after getting the Dharshan of the Perumal, we will be offered with Theertham, Sadari and Thulasi. We bow down our head to get the Sadari. Why should we do so in getting the Sadari on our head and what's that all about? Let us see the greatness of Sadari in this article...  Know more ...
Thiruvadi of Sriman Narayanan
Thiruvadi of Sriman Narayanan
The only way to get out of sorrow is catch hold of the divine feet of Sriman Narayanan. Let us know about the greatness of Sriman Narayanan in this article.  Know more ...
Greatness of 12
Greatness of 12
This number "12" is said to have a lot of speciality within itself and should be looked into it. In this article, you can find how this number is related to Sri Vaishnavism and Sriman Narayanan...  Know more ...
7 Hills of Tirupathi
About 7 Hills of Tirupathi
Traveling from Lower Tirupathi to Tirumala, we will be travelling 7 hills to reach Tirumala. This articles explains in detail about the 7 Malais (mountains) which we cross.  Know more ...
Types of Salagramams
Types of Salagramams
Salagramam are said to be the Hamsam of Sri Vishnu and has lots of Power in it. By doing poojas for it in a proper way, we can attain good level in our life but at the same time, not doing poojas can also lead us to bad way. So, if we have Salagramam, we should be clean and poojas should be done for it.  Know more ...

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