Appodhaiku Ippodhe Sonen


Periyalwar, one among 12 Sri Vaishnavite Alwars, has sung lots of Paasurams in praise of Sriman Narayanan; his works are compiled and termed as "Tirumozhi"; he is the only Alwar who has rendered "Pallandu" and at the same time, knowing about the future of the Bhakthas their mind, thoughts during various times, he has explained many higher thought provoking in his Paasurams.

He has explained how the Jeevathmas would suffer if they do not have time, Azhwar explains what will be status of the same Jeevathma if it is close enough to Paramathma. Jeevathmas, which does not think of Perumal not whom does not follow their ritual what was supposed to be done are clearly told by Azhwar, as it is the prime duty of every Jeevathma. He explains the greatness of the Divine Feet of Sriman Narayanan and also about the Saranagathi to the World.

Let us witness some of the Paasurams which explains about the later or the end period of a Jeevathma; understanding the situation at that point of time, Azhwar explains the path for better attainment.

"The body is full of wounds, from which puss comes out; houseflies starts to build their nest in it. The Jeevathma would think this is one of the worst situations."

Periyalwar Paasuram

The first four lines explain about the conditions of the human body during the end of the life.

Though Azhwar refers this as the final stage of the life, at present work culture - this position need not come during the end, it can appear at any point of time.

But, in next few likes, Azhwar himself tells the solution that it is always better to chant the Tirunaamam of Sriman Narayanan at the early stage of life as we don't know what will happen in future.

Azhwar tells that one should chant the great Ashtakshara Mantram "Om Namo Narayana" by not just chanting but to join hands and raise it with firm belief.

With having out thoughts fresh and that too at the early stage of life, it would always give us a great path as the belief would root deeper as the age passer on.

Also, Azhwar explains in another Paasuram with this same kind of later days.

"During the last phase of life, who will come and assist us? Our thoughts will not be the same like how it used to be during our early days! He could not even raise our hands folded and chant the Divine Naama! This has stopped only because of our carelessness that we can do it tomorrow.

Lots of problems happen because of this postponing as we assure we have yet another day; knowing about our last days, Azhwar explains how and what a Jeevathma should do to overcome the situation.

We all put our investments as insurance policies - why? We think the small payments now would yield us good income during the end of the days as would not be able to earn much at the time.

Periyalwar Paasuram

Azhwar too says that we don't know what would happen during out end of days; so it better you tell the Divine Naama now itself as it would give infinite results more than that of the materialistic benefits; it just gives us the eternal life - the Tiruvadi of Sriman Narayanan.

So, it is always better to do anything in the early stage of life. Like going to temple, chanting of Bhagavan Naama, getting ourselves indulged in the Bhagavan activities, surrounded by Bhagavathas, etc.

To re-iterate Azhwar's thoughts, never think we can do anything during our last days as Alwar clearly explains how our body and mind would react in our later days. So start now and it all takes very small and easy steps if followed would give us the Paramagati of we being under the divine Tiruvadi of Sarveswaran - Sriman Narayanan.