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Navarathna Mantra Maala

Navarathna Mantra Maala - Sundara Kaandam

The First Epic to emerge into this world is Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam. Because of this, this epic is also called as "Aadhi Kaaviyam". Kaaviyam means "Epic". This epic and the essence found in it have fascinated lots and lots of people and almost all part explains the greatness of Avathara Purushan, Sri Ramarpiran.

Daily Parayanam of Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam is performed in early years. In this Valmiki Ramayanam, a separate Kaandam (a part or section) is the Sundara Kaandam, which explains the greatness, achievements, leelas etc of Anjaneyar is well explained. By doing Parayanam of Sundara Kaandam, it is 100% sure, we can get lots of punyams and we can attain the divine feet of Sri Ramar.

At present situation, the minds of all the humans are cluttered with their own feelings, money, sorrow, evil thoughts etc. Inspite of not having the time, people atleast think that they should do parayanam of this Sundara Kaandam atleast once a day. But, some can do, but some cannot. It is the Bhagavan's duty to help his bhakthas and fulfill their needs and does the same way for his bhaktas. So, knowing all these, 9 slokas are taken, which has all the Sarahamsams (essence) of the entire Sundara Kaandam.

These 9 slokas are referred to as the "Navarathna Mantra Mala". Nava means nine. So, these 9 Mantras are built as “maala” (garland) and to be worn to the Perumal. And, the speciality of this Navarathna Mantra Maala is that all the 9 maalas are related to 9 Grahams (Navagrahas). These 9 slokas explains the greatness of Sri Hanuman and his close relation with these Navagrahams. So, by doing parayanam of this great Navarathna Mantra maala, we are not only blessed by Sri Ramar and Anjaneyar, but also by the Navagrahas. So, start doing parayanam of this great Navarathna Mantra Maala and get the Anugraham and blessings from Anjaneyar and the Navagrahas.

In this Navarathna Mantra Mala, each and every mantram has its own Flavor and Shakthi. There might be lots of problems that we might be facing as a daily routine in our life. But, by doing parayanam of this Maala for 9, 27 (or) 108 times daily (depending on the time), you can see a lots of positive changes in our life. Atleast, we can do parayanam of this maala for once as a group of our family member. By doing parayanam of this maala, it is said that we get the favour, which is equivalent to the favour what we get by doing parayanam of the entire Sundara Kaandam.

You can also explain about this Mantra Maala to your friends, relatives etc and thereby helping them to get out from their sorrows. So, bhakthas, do parayanam of this great mantra maala and wore this to Sri Rama and be happy.

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